SunTrust Credit Card

It seems as though the SunTrust Credit Card is a much awaited card. There were so many people online for a couple of years asking, and hoping that SunTrust would open up for a secured card. Now, after all the speculation and rumors, we finally have the SunTrust Credit Card that everyone has waited for. Now, it's a kind of confusing game of really trying to pin down all the details about this card. Also, they have their SunTrust Credit Card-Secured available with rewards, points, and cash back incentives. The fact that they are offering the option for a SunTrust Credit Card-Secured to have rewards and all of that is really weird. Usually, a secured card is solely for gaining credit or restoring credit and would not have any other features.

We aren't going to suggest the SunTrust Credit Card-Secured with the pints and rewards because we simply feel that adding such things to a secured card is like flirting with disaster. If someone is going to commit to restoring or establishing their credit, they should definitely focus on those things alone so that they aren't caught up trying to manage too many things at once. Honestly, it seems that the SunTrust Credit Card-Secured is designed to trip people up who would otherwise have gone through a simpler plan and achieved better credit success. If you are going to add those features to your SunTrust Credit Card-Secured, we just recommend you to be very careful in managing that account with all of those other responsibilities.


The other weird thing about trying to get the SunTrust Credit Card-Secured is that they are only making it available at their physical locations. They say that anyone can have one no matter where they live as long as they walk into their location to apply for it at least. We're not really sure their reasoning on that, but maybe it will work for them to do things that way. If you happen to have just got sad right there because they aren't available in your area, you aren't the only one, trust us on that. Hopefully they will have a change of heart and begin to make their SunTrust Credit Card-Secured open to all states and applicable online. Even if they don't make their other card offerings available online, their secured card is definitely at least worthy of that much effort.

When it's all said and done, there were a lot of people who have waited to hear that a SunTrust Credit Card-Secured existed. Now that it does, it seems SunTrust has left so many people out in the cold. Maybe when they realize that their biggest audience for this card was from people in other states across the nation they will change the rules. Whether they change the rules or not for you, there are some other options available from other banks that are at least decent or will get the job done if you are going to make sure to work hard enough to maintain them.